stuffed squid

cooking time : 1 hr; single servings


squid, clean them well
red onion, chopped
big red pepper, chopped

white beech mushroom 雪白菇,chopped

cauliflower , chopped, ard same amt of mushroom, here two florets were too much. 

cherry tomato, coastly chopped

tomato paste 

black olive paste 

make the stuffing adjusting to the size of squids, try to judge how much stuffing u need to stuff the squids 

fried the red onion and red pepper first, 

add white mushroom, califlower and tomato and mix them well. 

add tomato and olive paste and add quinoa , 

mix them well. 
stuff the cooked stuffing into the raw squid, 

after u stuffed them, bake them for abt 15-20 mins after they turn white . I added monetrey jack jalapeño cheese toward the last 5 mins and bake it on top as a sauce 


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