Cod with capers n shallot

Cod fillets with saffron

To eat cod fillets to children is often complicated, and we try really presenting it in all version, including coloring it yellow, with saffron, diluted in this sauce that will serve as a bed for the fish. Parsley adds further color to the dish, which also becomes lighter, as the fish is steamed. So perfect to keep in shape in view of the summer, and to cook something healthy for children.

Ingredients for fillets with saffron (serves 4):

cod fillets 500 g

2 shallots

salted capers


dry white wine

flour 20g

vegetable stock 2.5 dl

chopped fresh parsley

extra virgin olive oil



1 Cook the cod without skin steamed, meanwhile chopped shallots with some capers and brown them in a pan with a little oil, pour 2 tablespoons of wine, add the flour and let it roast.

2 Continuing to stir, pour the broth, boil and add saffron, leaving on the fire until the sauce is thick. Add the parsley.

3 Put the cod fillets into serving dish and serve with saffron sauce




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