stir fry basil Thai chicken

2 serving 

chicken , abt 1 lb , minced 

garlic , a lot , chopped 

shallot x 4 , chopped 

chilli , x 3, chopped and mashed 

basil, a lot, slightly chopped 

fish sauce, 1.5 tbsp

sweet soy sauce , 1 tbsp 

sugar, 1 tsp

white pepper, a dash 


1) chop everything , 

2) fry the garlic and shallot. 

3) add the minced chicken 

4) add chilli 

5) add 1.5 tbsp of fish sauce and 1 tbsp soy sauce , go easy on the fish sauce coz they are super salty 

6) add the sugar, which I didn’t put it into coz I don’t eat sugar , add the dash of white pepper 

7) add the basil and you’re done 



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