baked eggplant 


  • eggplant x 3
  • chickpeas x 1 can
  • onion x 1 
  • garlic x 1 whole 
  • shallot x 1 
  • parmesan 
  • spinach


  1. slice eggplant in half, scope the meat out and save the shell.
  2. steam the meat for abt 15 mins 
  3. chop onion, garlic and shallot
  4. mash the chickpeas in food processor 
  5. fry onion, garlic and shallot till onion soften a bit
  6. add eggplant and spinach 
  7. add chickpeas 
  8. season with salt  and garlic salt
  9. put the mixture back to the eggplant shell 
  10. sprinkle Parmesan and bake for 15 mins in 300 degree









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