chicken with white wine mushroom sauce recipe


  • chicken pieces, depends how much u want to eat, doesn’t matter thigh or breast, up to your liking.
  • mushrooms, ard 3-4 for each chicken piece
  • white wine, enough to marinate ur chicken
  • parsley 
  • garlic, depends how much u love garlic, 2-3 gloves for non garlic lovers. multiple it by 5 for extreme garlic lovers
  • butter, 1 tbsp, u can substitute with olive oil if butter really bothers you
  • flour or corn starch, u don’t need much,  u add a bit as u go until ur sauce reach the right consistency 
  • salt and pepper


1) marinate chicken with salt and pepper and white wine for abt 10-15 mins.

2) recipe says flour the chicken after draining and keeping the liquid. put pressure on the chicken for the flour to stick. I skip the step though . 

3)  chop the mushroom stem off and cut them into slices. not too thin pls. chop garlic and parsley too.

4) cook chicken with butter in low heat until golden brown. 

5) fry garlic in butter in low heat. add mushroom and turn the stove up a little. add the chicken white wine liquid and add flour and  parsley when it’s almost done. seasons with salt and pepper.

6) return chicken to the sauce or pour sauce over chicken. 

Author’s note: 

I found this recipe from an Italian website . Tested out and it is definitely worth it to share it with you guys. Little efforts needed for a fancy looking yummy chicken maindish.  

Original recipe:




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