Chinese chicken Stir-fry with Asian veggies

for 4-6 serving 


2 lbs chicken , chopped into pieces

1 lotus root, sliced 

1 pack mushroom, sliced

1 pack fresh Asian green peas, chopped off stems 

beans spouts, equal portion as the green peas. 

3-5 cloves garlic, chopped 

5-6 slices ginger, peeled

1.5 – 2 tbsps oyster sauce 

4-5 tbsps soy sauce, approximately, for marinating chicken

3 drops sesame oil, for marinating chicken 

1 tbsp hua tiao chinese cooking wine, approximately, for marinating chicken


1) marinate chicken with soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, 1 chopped garlic clove, 3 drops of sesame oil and pinch of salt.   Soy sauce just enough to coat chicken.  Portion of soy sauce : cooking wine is about 5:1.  Marinate for 15 mins.  

2) fry the garlic and ginger till they fragrant, add lotus roots.  Cook for 10 mins.  

3) while the lotus roots cook, start another frying pan, brown the chicken and they don’t have to be fully cooked. Keep the most 1/2 tbsp of what was left from the marinate and discard the rest.  It’s ok too if nothing’s left.

4) add mushroom, green peas, chicken with the marinate, red pepper and bean spouts into the lotus roots, in the exact order.    Dissolve oyster sauce with about 1/4 cup of hot water, pour over the stir fry.  





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