Lemon Chicken

Serving : 2-3 pax

Prep and cook time: under 30 mins 


  • chicken x 4 pieces, I used thigh here 
  • lemon x 2
  • chicken broth x 1/4 – 1/3 cup 
  • parsley x a bunch 
  • elegant garlic x half clove or shallot x 1-2 cloves 
  • butter 

Preparation : 

  1. Squeeze the lemon and juice them. Aftee u squeeze the juice, slice the lemon into slices.
  2. Wash the parsley and elegant garlic or shallot.  Coastly chop them up. 
  3. Prep the chicken, trim excessive fat and slice open the chicken pieces so that they are thinner and easier to cook.  I also stabbed the chicken pieces with the point of my knife so that they can soak in more flavor later on.  
  4. Brown the chicken on higher heat in the beginning, I season them with salt and pepper here in the pan, and pan sear them till they are cooked on much lower heat so that you don’t burn them while they can be fully cooked.  The time it takes really depends on the thickness of your chicken.  Pick the thickest piece and poke thru the meat with a fork or knife, once you see that even the center of the meat turn opaque, it’s done.  Set them aside. Discard the chicken grease and juice. 
  5. I melted some butter in the same pan, about 3mm thick off a butter stick.  
  6. Add about 100 ml of chicken broth, I juiced two lemon earlier, now add the lemon juice in the broth, you can taste the broth mixture as you add the lemon juice, depending on how lemony or how sour you like the sauce to be.  my portion was about 1.5 – 2 parts of broth : 1 part of lemon juice.
  7. Let the sauce cook, add shallot or elegant garlic here, sprinkle some flour into the mixture so that it thicken up to the right consistency.
  8. taste your sauce as you cook and adjust the broth : lemon juice portion till you get the right taste.  Add parsley and the lemon slices and cook for about half minute until the parsley leaves are no longer stiff.
  9. Pour the sauce over chicken and ready to serve. 

Remarks : 

  • I used whole thighs with drumsticks here because I like the stronger chicken flavor when it still has the skin and bone intact. It is really your choice what chicken parts you prefer.  I’m ok with the skin because by the time the chicken is brown and cooked, most of the skins are usually gone by then either got stuck to the pan or turned into chicken grease.
  • If you don’t like the idea of butter, skip the butter entirely or replace with a tiny drop of olive oil.
  • my picture here doesn’t look that great because of the sloppy cutting job I did with the chicken.  Sorry my drumsticks here look a little gross, but I really didn’t spend much time preping the thighs. I am sure you can do a better job of preping the chicken than I did and the dish will look better.

this is another version i made with shallot. my personal opinion I like the elephant garlic version better than the shallot one. 


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