This is my cooking page. I love exploring new recipes but most of the time I don’t follow the recipes 100%….Mostly because i want to simplify things and made it easier to read and follow.  I make a lot of modifications usually make the recipe couple steps fewer, less oil, less salt, cut down on the deep frying or go heavy on the garlic and use more cooking wine … Coz I just llooovvveee them.

Once I tried a good recipe, I want to save them…. So this blog is my way to keep my recipes, my recipes box, I come to this blog myself when I replicate the same dish 🙂

My diet preference: no refined carbs, no added sugar, high protein, no processed food meaning cooking from scratch, no pork because they are too cute and adorable to eat.

My recipe page is for those who already have some ideas how to cook. I believe it could be inspiring as I always explore foreign recipes and try to combine healthy ingredients. But If you are a totally beginner who is learning how to cook, I’m not sure how successful the recipes will turn out as I don’t think I put enough effort in laying out the exact ingedients portion.  You have to make a lot of self judgement or keep tasting and making adjustment as you cook.


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